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AamsTech Solutions is located in the heart of Coimbatore, one of the leading industrial city of South India. AamsTech was incorporated to provide services to engineering based companies. We are specialized in Computer-aided Design (CAD), Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) with an enlarged Aluminum alloy casting - Gravity Die Casting / Sand Casting unit using the support of simulation -MAGAMA. We provide customized solutions to both the domestic and overseas market.

We have a vast experience in the field of Automotive, Aerospace, Machine Tool Manufactures, Pump Manufactures, Defense, Medical Systems,Security Systems etc. We have an excellent track record of consistently delivering High Quality Products in time and at competitive price. We are successful in solving critical problems in both CAD/CAM.

Salient features
 Aluminum Alloy Casting Supply with Critical Profiles - 1 to 125 kg Single piece Weight Castings
 Die design using Higher ended software like Pro- Engineer
 In house Facility of Die manufacturing + Part machining
 Prototype casting development /Reverse engineering
 3D Modeling, Pattern and Core Box Design, Rough casting/Machined casting all under one roof
 ISO 9001- 2008 RINA

Our strength
 8-9 plus years of experience in the field of CAD/CAM
 Use of Pro-Engineer software
 Capacity to supply Sand castings/Shell castings/Gravity die casting etc., according to customers  requirements
 Mould Flow analysis using cutting-edge technology
 Tie-up with reputed Ferrous (Gery Iron & Ductulie Iron) -foundries in Coimbatore India
 Technical support and guidance from reputed firms
 On time delivery of high quality products
 Professional and dedicated team of workforce
 Export : Aluminum Alloy Castings 85%,Domestic 15% of Patterns & Grey Iron Castings with semi  assembly level
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